What to Expect From an Auto Insurance Broker

If you are looking for an auto insurance broker then you must use an individual who is qualified to carry out this service. There are many brokers offering a service to the public but how do you know which of them are legitimate? To begin with, a broker must either have a minimum of five years experience or have a year of college insurance courses under his or her belt. This makes good sense because a broker must have a thorough understanding of the auto insurance industry as a whole.

It is important to note that the requirements for brokers in the auto industry do change from state to state. Make sure you use the criteria set by your state. A broker must get the consent of the state in order to even sit for the auto insurance broker exam. A broker who has not passed the state exam does not have the legal authority to discuss insurance verbally or telephonically. In other words, a broker must have a license from the state to verify he or she has met all the necessary requirements.

A reputable broker must renew a license every year. This is done by having to keep up with any adjustments and changes within the industry. A broker can participate in seminars or courses. To qualify, a broker must have a number of credits specified by his or state. A broker who moves to another state must follow the set procedure to have a broker’s license moved.

You can see that the auto insurance broker carries a great deal of responsibility. In order for you to deal with a reputable broker it is necessary for the broker to meet all the requirements laid out by the appropriate state. The bottom line is a broker’s license must be renewed every year and it must be accepted by the state a broker resides and practices in. Online quotes will provide you with a list of quotes from companies or brokers.