Popularity of Choppers Bike

A chopper is basically a name given to an expert hand built motorcycle or motorbike. It is more often than not a high performance motorcycle for haul racing plus a lot of costly accessories are involved in it. It is a tremendously customized motorcycle or motorbike. A big example is the archetypal motorcycle used in the film Easy Rider in 1969 which actually came from the well known company of Harley-Davidsons.

The chopper is a motorbike aficionado version of a Ferrari and a Rolls-Royce. It has an extremely huge engine that is actually very reliable as well. The technique is touted to be very characteristic as each design is modified to the definite owner’s dimensions and taste. The cost of a chopper from the garage of a renowned designer more often than not comes at more than 35,000 dollars.

What does a chopper’s bike mean to the standard American Big Motorcycling fans? It is just a symbol of American Pride, inventiveness, tempo, consistency and only one of its kind styling. If you have a chopper, it means you are a man who do things his way productively and with style. To avoid explosive result, experienced chopper builder recommend waiting until you could afford buying all the accessories from one manufacturer. Waiting might not be simple when it comes to building your dream chopper bike. But when you lastly complete your custom chopper, you will be really glad you waited.

A chopper bike is a made to order motorcycle with two huge wheels, a big gas tank, a trouble-free rider plan and lots of alterations, which entails a lot of chrome accessories. Not only is the chopper bike huge, it is also meaning looking, rough, sturdy, quick and overwhelming luxurious design. The most notable feature of a chopper bike is its unbelievable, loud bike engine sound. It gives out a thriving sound like a lion’s roar. Choppers bikes are generally with full rear suspension would have an adapted frame, usually missing the straight down tube, which comes from under the seat. Rear suspension generates a mountain bike more restful and prepared for rockier terrain, of course, it as well make the chopper bike expensive.

Two Great Motorcycle Adventures

The Long Way Round

Armed with three BMW R1150GS Adventure bikes, cameras, motorcycle communications devices and a bag full of a sense of daring and spirit, world-renowned Scottish actor Ewan McGregor and his friend and fellow actor/ adventurer, Englishman Charley Boorman, set out for the journey of a lifetime.

Accompanied by cameraman Claudio von Plata, the duo left London on April 14, 2004 and traveled eastwards on their motorcycles until they reached their destination: New York City. All in all, their group rode for more than 3 months, covered 19,000 miles and rode through the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, USA, Canada and New York. The trip, McGregor described, was borne out of their “desire to ride motorbikes for a very long time”.

As to be expected, the modern adventurers’ trip was neither an easy nor an uneventful one. In Kazakhstan for example, the local police insisted on escorting the group whenever they went. The locals (with the aid of the cops), aware not only of McGregor’s popularity but also of the significance of what the duo was trying to do, kept inviting them to parties (invitations which they could not possibly refuse).

During their trip, they were also held at gunpoint twice. One was by local authorities at the Ukrainian border who, because they rode ahead of the local TV people filming them, did not recognized the pair and the other by a lone gunman in Kazakhstan, who apparently did it as a joke as he left the terrified travelers laughing.

In Mongolia, they ate a bowl of sheep testicle soup, a native delicacy.

Minor accidents like getting icy-cold water into their engines, machines breaking down, having petrol sprayed into their eyes, getting rear-ended also kept occurring while the two finished their journey.

In spite of these mishaps though, the two look at the 107 days they spent on the road with nothing but fondness and glee. Not only were they able to see and experience firsthand the generosity of the people of the countries they visited, the experiences they shared during the trip also transformed them from “friends, to brothers”.

Motorcycle Diaries

While the McGregor’s and Boorman’s journey can definitely be described as truly adventurous and quite groundbreaking, it was not however, the first of its kind. More than half a century before the Scot and the Englishman traveled around the world, two young men from Argentina, has already embarked on a similar motorcycle adventure.

In 1951, Alberto Granado and Ernesto Guevara, the future Che Guevara, traveled the length of South America starting from their hometown of Alta Gracia. Unlike their modern counterparts who traveled with GPS devices, powerful bikes and motorcycle intercoms, the young Argentinians only had themselves and their rundown 1939 Norton 500 cc (which they dubbed the “Mighty One, the Second”), to depend on.

Despite having to share one old bike (which was not really in its best condition), the duo was able to travel to 24 different locations in 5 different countries.

While McGregor and Boorman’s journey opened their eyes to the kindness and generosity of the people of the places they visited, Guevara and Granado saw the poverty and inequality that plagued the countries of South America. This journey and the dire conditions he witnessed helped shape the political views and stance Guevara would later try to spread in South America as Che.